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Inacom’s Offsite Data Backup safely and automatically stores your critical business information out of harm’s way.

The Inacom Advantage:
  • Reliable - Our automated system requires little to no human intervention
  • Convenient - Know the status of your backups in seconds by checking the backup logs sent to your inbox daily
  • Simple - No more broken tapes, confusing backup logs on the server, or forgetting to rotate media or take information offsite
  • Scalable – Pay only for the storage space you need, instead of buying a tape drive sized to the maximum capacity of your server. This can save you thousands of dollars right away!
  • Secure – Your data is protected by a passphrase that only you know

System failure, fire, flood, human error, or theft? We’ve got you covered!

Inacom's off-site data backup service has been designed to safely and efficiently backup your critical business data. This automated system requires no user intervention and eliminates the hassles associated with a tape backup. Because your data is encrypted before it ever leaves your office, this system meets the privacy requirements of the medical, legal, and financial industries.

Once configured, your server is responsible for selecting the appropriate files that need to be backed up, encrypting your data, and sending your important information to our Salisbury, MD data center. This happens at regularly scheduled intervals. Once the backup is complete, you are sent an email log showing that the service was successful.

When Inacom receives your data via our offsite data backup service, your data is now kept on our specially designed storage area network. Your encrypted data is then replicated to the Western United States where we keep a mirror of all client data. This gives you the advantages of a quick data restore from a local area network, and the geographic reliability that comes with storing your offsite backup data thousands of miles away.

If the worst happens and your local data is destroyed, erased, or stolen, you can retrieve your data via our self-service web portal or we can help you to restore your information by delivering the information to your office.

How Inacom’s Offsite Data Backup Works

Offsite Backup Data Routing Diagram. Your computer uses 448-bit Encryption to compress your specified files and send them to both a Primary Secure Backup Center and a Mirrored Secure Backup Center (at a seperate location). Both locations maintain incremental backups. To retrieve your files you can use any computer on the internet to use 448-bit Decryption to De-compress (retrieve) your files
  1. The data backup software determines the files that have changed since your last backup. Only the files that have changed are selected
  2. Your changed backup files are encrypted using a strong 448 bit system. This ensures that your critical data is kept secure from unauthorized parties
  3. The encrypted data is compressed, and sent over the Internet to our data center for safe keeping
  4. You are sent a log of the entire process via email. Our administrators are immediately notified if there is a problem, so that your needs can be addressed immediately

If you need to recover data, you can log into our offsite backup server and retrieve files using your web browser.

Right now Inacom is offering a free trial of our offsite data backup service. To schedule your trial, fill out the contact form below or call 800.346.1225 today.

"I would like to speak with Inacom and learn more about how Offsite Backup works and can benefit my company."

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"As a small business, it is very expensive to staff a Cisco Certified engineer. Utilizing the engineers at Inacom, we get the results we need for much lower overhead. The engineers are also helpful to transfer knowledge in order for us to self-manage certain aspects of our network devices."

- Mike Zodun - Eastern Shore Rural Health System

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