6 Great Things to Know When Deploying Digital Signage

6 Great Things to Know When Deploying Digital Signage

Nov 29, 2023 | Office Technology, Digital Signage

Digital signage solutions can enhance any organization by offering the ability to communicate in a modern, efficient way with your audience. These devices are gaining in popularity and traction, with nearly 60% of businesses planning to invest in digital signage within the next two years. This is because these devices allow for real-time updates and announcements that can be shared seamlessly and can improve overall engagement. Read on to learn a few tips for deploying digital signage in your business and how to make the most of this technology.

Put Digital Signage in High Traffic Locations to Maximize Impact

To make announcements and messages on digital signage as impactful as they can be, it’s crucial to place the device in a high-traffic location to reach the maximum number of people. Locations like school entrances and cafeterias, doctor’s waiting rooms, and transportation hubs are ideal to convey your business’ information with your audience.  Digital signage can also be placed in window displays of retail stores, providing messaging to passers-by at all hours of the day.

Implement Digital Signage with Simple Displays in Mind

It’s important to keep digital signage’s messaging and content clear and to the point. If your organization is promoting a new product or service, make the content digestible in a quick and informative way so that the audience can understand it in just a few seconds. When creating content, keep in mind the text size and imagery given the display’s size and distance from viewers. If content is too “saucy” and hard to read, audiences may be distracted or confused on the main point you’re trying to convey. A marketer once told me that billboard displays shouldn’t have more than a dozen words on them, and 7 is even better. This rule of thumb applies well to digital signage, too.

Call to Actions with Digital Signs

A new product launch or enhancing your organization’s customer service offerings is great to share; however, having a call to action linked to those announcements can increase engagement with your content. This can be anything from a QR code that brings them to a businesses’ website, integration with social media accounts to encourage following, or a link to sign up for a newsletter. This will typically lead to greater engagement.

Keep your Digital Signage Displays Current and on Brand

Updating isn’t just for smartphones. When it comes to digital signage, having information that is relevant and current can help capture attention. Keep seasonality and holidays top of mind when creating content so that your messages can be more relatable to the time of year and what is top of mind for your intended audience.

Digital Signs aren’t the same as a Consumer TV

Digital signs sure to look like consumer TVs.  And technically, you could create a digital sign out of a consumer TV.  But the build quality of digital signs is vastly superior.  Components are selected during the design phase to ensure that your digital signs run flawlessly 24/7 for many years.  Manufacturers assume a consumer TV will only be used for a few hours per day and more frequently replaced.  You can even find digital signs rated for outdoor use.  Imagine leaving a consumer TV exposed to the elements!

How easy is it to program a Digital Sign? See for yourself!

Overall, digital signage can be effective and enhance the customer experience if done correctly. Following these tips can help ensure that your device is deployed in the most effective way that will benefit your business’s goals, whether that is increasing revenue, improving customer service or communicating announcements internally.

Inacom is a Sharp Copier Dealer, offering a full line of Sharp office products including digital signage. To learn more about digital signage solutions and how they can benefit your business directly, give us a call.

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