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Ever wondered how much paper Really costs your organization?

Our Document Activity Analysis will show your current costs and a better way.

Face it.  We’re still a paper centric business culture for the most part.  Many employees need the information printed out and in their hand.  Accountants are always requesting paper backup for all journal entries and transactions. Filing systems are consuming office space.  Established workflows rely on passing around paper for proposals, reporting, and approval – it’s slow and inefficient.  There are significant costs associated with creating, shuffling, and storing paper.

Inacom’s Document Activity Analysis will uncover your actual cost of paper documents, identify and analyze productivity sapping business processes, and provide a high level overview of a modern, new document management solution created by our document management consultants.  We ask you to provide data on your current printing fleet, document storage system, and acces to a few key employees that can best describe the document processes in place right now. We’re usually talking less than a couple hours of time.  When we complete our Document Activity Analysis, you’ll know your true cost to print and have a better understanding of how you can better contain your costs.

There is no cost for the Analysis and no obligation to purchase anything from Inacom.  But most organizations want to save time and money, and that’s exactly what we offer.  Our managed print solutions are usually cash flow positive, save tens of thousands of dollars in productivity costs annually, and deployed with no money down.

Our consulting process covers the following cost centers:

  • Digital Storage Workflows (scan, store, share and retrieve)
  • Paper Based Workflows (shuffle, store, retrieve)
  • Paper Document Storage (filing, retrieval, on-site and off-site)
  • Output Devices (aquisition, supply, and maintenance)
    • MFPs 
    • Printers 
    • Fax Machines
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