Why Dynabooks are the Best Student Laptop

Why Dynabooks are the Best Student Laptop

Jan 23, 2024 | Desktop Support, Computer Support

The Compelling Case for Dynabook as the Ideal Student Laptop for Your Education System

If you’re in search of a superior student laptop, we strongly recommend considering Dynabook. Sharp’s computing line is eager to cater to your educational needs, having meticulously assembled an impressive hardware and support package to establish Dynabook as the top choice for school systems.

A Little Background on Dynabook

While Dynabook may be gaining prominence in the education market, its roots trace back to Toshiba. With over 35 years of laptop manufacturing experience, Toshiba’s legacy includes popular models such as Tecra, Portege, and Satellite. A few years ago, Sharp’s business technology company acquired Toshiba’s laptop business, and this company is owned by Foxconn, a renowned manufacturer of electronic products, including the iPhone.

The Best Features of Dynabook Student Laptops

Windows-Based Student Laptops

Many school systems are discovering the challenges of managing ChromeOS, prompting a shift towards Windows for student notebooks. Unlike Chromebooks, Dynabook laptops run on Windows, the most widely used business operating system, ensuring better preparation for the future.

Durability Tested and Designed to Withstand Student Use and Abuse

Dynabook laptops undergo rigorous testing, simulating three years of usage and subjecting them to spill resistance, extreme temperatures, drops, dust, and more. Identifying weak points during testing ensures these laptops are durable. Weighing just over 2 lbs, Dynabook laptops are also lightweight, facilitating easy transportation to and from school.

Robust Warranty Support Maximizes Machines in the Field

The +Care Service Warranty offers premier standard coverage for up to four years, designed to keep your machines operational throughout your student laptop lease. Technical support, repair options, and on-site services contribute to increased productivity and reduced IT costs.

Make it Your Own with Custom Built Student Notebooks

Customize your laptops with build-to-order options, ensuring you get the technology your staff and students need without unnecessary features. Configuration services include Image Load, Asset Tagging, and Customer BIOS Settings.

Made with Security in Mind to Protect Your Data

Dynabook stands out with its own BIOS, enhancing tamper resistance, securing pre-boot communication, optimizing performance, and providing customization options.

Easy to Transport

With a weight as low as 2 lbs and up to 17 hours of battery life, Dynabook laptops are easy for students to move around. The extended battery life eliminates the need to carry chargers at all times, saving backpack space and weight.

Quick to Ship

Customized Dynabooks, loaded with your preferred settings and shipped within 2 weeks, provide a quick and efficient solution for your school’s needs.

Easy Fleet Migration

Set standing orders for Dynabook student laptops for future fulfillment, aligning with your fleet’s lifecycle policy. Take advantage of pre-negotiated pricing and deploy computers according to your capacity.

A Full Line of Notebooks for All User Types

Dynabook caters to a diverse range of user needs with its comprehensive lineup, ensuring there’s a perfect fit for every educational scenario. Whether you’re a student looking for a reliable companion or a tech enthusiast seeking advanced capabilities, Dynabook has you covered.

  • Dynabook Satellite: Offers everyday computing power at a relatively low price point, making it an excellent choice for students and users with basic computing needs.
  • Dynabook Portege: Optimized for portability, Portege boasts a smaller footprint, lightweight design, and long battery life. Ideal for those who prioritize mobility without compromising performance.
  • Dynabook Tecra: When computing power matters, Tecra steps in with faster processors, more RAM, and increased storage. Perfect for tech-savvy individuals or those with demanding computational requirements.
  • Dynabook E-Series: Specifically designed as a low-cost student laptop, the E-Series prioritizes affordability without compromising essential features. An excellent option for educational institutions with budget considerations.

For a detailed breakdown of these models and a deeper understanding of their features, check out our blog post on Dynabook Notebooks: Portégé vs Tecra vs Satellite vs E-Series.

Equalis Cooperative Purchasing Agreements

Sharp offers technology solutions to Equalis Group Members, providing pre-negotiated special pricing for Dynabook laptops. Open to all public sector entities, Equalis membership covers local governments, K–12 schools, higher education, and state agencies.

Ready to Make Dynabook Your Next Student Laptop?

Inacom is a Sharp Dynabook Dealer capable of fulfilling your needs for student notebooks, collaboration displays, commercial displays and Sharp MFPs. Order a small quantity from Inacom at a pre-negotiated volume discount for a trial run. When it’s time to migrate your fleet, purchase in quantity on contract for a seamless transition. Contact us at 410.543.8200, and let us help you meet the needs of your school system with extra incentives such as upgrades, warranty protection, or price breaks based on the size of the deal.

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