HOWTO: Scanning Business Cards on a Sharp Copier

You can scan a business card, extract the name and telephone number from the text string read by OCR, and create and send a vCard or other file.


  • On the Sharp Essential Series (BP-50C26/BP-50C31/BP-50C36/BP-50C45/BP-50C55/BP-50C65), the OCR expansion kit is required.
  • If [Disabling of OCR] is set in the system settings, this function cannot be used even if the OCR expansion kit is installed in BP-50C26/BP-50C31/BP-50C36/BP-50C45/BP-50C55/BP-50C65. For other models, business card scanning can be used, but only the image will be scanned and the business card information will not be scanned
  • This function can be used with Scan to E-mail, Scan to FTP/Desktop, Scan to Network Folder, and Save to External Memory Device.

The information that can be extracted from business cards includes:

NameThe person’s name
AddressThe mailing address
Postal CodeThe mailing address zip code
Company NameThe company the person represents
DepartmentThe department that the person works within
Job TitleThe position held by the person
Telephone NumberThe telephone number of the person. You can extract up to 5.
Fax NumberThe fax number of the person. You can extract up to 5.
URLThe URL of the company website. You can extract up to 5.
Email AddressThe email address of the person
OtherAvailable to capture any other item of information
These are the types of information that can be extracted from a business card

Step 1: Place the multiple business cards that you want to scan in the document feeder tray of the automatic document feeder or on the document glass.

With the Advanced Series MFPs (BP-70C31/BP-70C36/BP-70C45/BP-70C55/BP-70C65), you can scan business cards by setting them in the automatic document feeder or on the glass.

For the Essential Series MFPs (BP-50C26/BP-50C31/BP-50C36/BP-50C45/BP-50C55/BP-50C65), you must scan with the business cards on the glass.

Cautions when placing business cards on the glass

  • Keep the automatic document feeder open, or the MFP will not detect the edges of the business cards.
  • Up to 20 business cards can be placed at once.
  • Separate the business cards by at least 5 mm.
  • Available business card sizes are 45 x 85 mm to 110 x 110 mm.
  • If the shape of a business card is not square or rectangular, the business card may not be cropped correctly.
  • Place the business cards with the top side of the cards at the far side of the document glass as shown. If the cards are
    placed in the wrong orientation, it will not be possible to read the cards correctly

Notes on loading business cards in the automatic document feeder

  • Up to 150 business cards (or a maximum loading height of 38 mm) can be scanned at one time.
  • Supported business card sizes range from 51 x 89 mm to 55 x 91 mm.
  • If the business card is not square or rectangular in shape, the business card will misfeed.
  • When scanning a business card, be sure to set the image orientation.

Step 2: Tap the mode display and change to the base screen of the desired mode.

Step 3: Specify the Destination

You can choose from:

  • Address Book
  • Search number
  • Network Folder
  • Manual Destination Entry

Step 4: Tap the [Others] key, and tap the [Business Card Scan] key

When [Disabling of OCR] is set in the system settings, tap the [Business Card Scan] key and then a checkmark appears on the icon. After the settings are completed, tap the [Back] key.c

Step 5: Tap the [On] key, and change settings

  • This procedure cannot be used if [Disabling of OCR] is set in the system settings. Proceed to the next step.
  • If original count is enabled, the number of scanned originals will appear during scanning.
  • Change the language setting to match the language used on the business card.
  • To use the full name as the file name, enable [Use Full Name on Card as the File Name].
  • To send the scanned image file together with the file format selected in [File Format], enable [Also Send Image].

Step 6: Tap the [Start] key to start scanning the originals.

  • When scanning is completed, place the next group of originals and tap the [Start] key.
  • Repeat the above step until you have scanned all originals, and then tap the [Read-End] key.
  • When transmission is completed, a beep sounds.
  • The image of the scanned business card is sent together with the VCard or CSV file set in File Format

Restrictions when Business Card Scan is Enabled

The following restrictions apply when Business Card Scan is enabled. Restricted items may change automatically in some cases.

  • Resolution: When [Image] is selected, except 600dpi can be used. When [Card Information] or [Image and Card Info] is selected, only 300 dpi and 400 dpi can be used.
  • Scan size / send size: Only auto can be used.
  • Two-sided original: When using the Sharp Advanced Series MFPs (BP-70C31/BP-70C36/BP-70C45/BP-70C55/BP-70C65) to scan from the automatic document feeder, if you select a setting other than [Card Information], 2-sided documents can be scanned. Otherwise, only 1-sided documents can be scanned.
  • Image Orientation: Cannot be used. (Each cropped original is corrected to the orientation that is least skewed.)
  • Format: High compression and ultra-fine cannot be used.
  • Compression / compression format: Reduce Colors cannot be used.
  • One file per page: Cannot be set when the checkmark is enabled and the number is “1”.
  • The following functions cannot be used at the same time as multicrop.
    Job Build, Slow Scan Mode, Mixed Size Original, Erase, Dual Page Scan, Book Divide, Card Shot, Blank Page Skip, File, Quick File, Preview, Multicrop, Image Crop
  • When the Business Card Scan setting is canceled, the following items retain the setting changes that occurred when Business Card Scan was enabled.
    Resolution, Scan Size, Send Size, 2-Sided Original, File Type, OCR, Compression Mode/Compression Ratio, Specified Pages per File
  • Depending on the business card, it may not be extracted to the file correctly.

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