Prescribing Laptops Over Tablets for Healthcare Workers

Prescribing Laptops Over Tablets for Healthcare Workers

Jun 10, 2024 | Office Technology, Desktop Support, Notebook PCs

Healthcare workers are real-life superheroes. Their busy days are filled with managing patients, completing critical paperwork and assisting with emergency medical situations. Having updated, modern technology that is reliable and fulfills these frontline workers’ needs is crucial for productivity, efficiency and communication with their team and patients.

Tri-Cities Skin and Cancer, a Tennessee-based dermatology center with a full surgical facility and cosmetic laser center, had been working with Sharp over the past few years for its office equipment needs. It turned to Sharp for a strategic technology switch from a popular brand of tablets to Dynabook laptops throughout its practice to support doctors, nurses and staff.

The Diagnosis

Tri-Cities Skin and Cancer wanted to improve efficiency and productivity in its practice. While many medical professionals utilize tablets for patient care, the practice faced challenges with screen clarity, weight and data entry lags during touch input. Beyond this, the current warranty coverage fell short of expectations, prompting its IT team to explore alternative devices to improve reliability.

The Simply Smarter Prescription

Sharp worked with Tri-Cities Skin and Cancer to identify a solution to fit these specific needs. As an alternative to tablets, the Dynabook Portégé® X30W-K 2-in-1 convertible laptops were an ideal fit as they allow staff to move faster than before due to the lightweight design, improved touchscreen capabilities, convenient keyboard access and enhanced graphics tailored to the medical setting.

The touchscreen capability, complemented by a compatible stylus pen, facilitated the quick and accurate capturing of patient information and signatures. The Dynabook laptops also offered high-def screen clarity and resolution to help reduce visual fatigue after a long shift. Additionally, the warranty, particularly its comprehensive damage protection coverage, gave the practice peace of mind and ensured that the devices would remain both operational and reliable over time.

Throughout the transition phase, Sharp provided top quality customer service with responsive support and service. The team addressed concerns and questions from Tri-Cities Skin and Cancer, which resulted in minimized downtime and uninterrupted patient care.

Positive Side-Effects

By implementing the Dynabook Portégé® X30W-K 2-in-1 convertible laptops throughout its practice, Tri-Cities Skin and Cancer experienced tangible improvements in efficacy and user satisfaction among its staff. The enhanced portability and touchscreen capabilities of the laptops streamlined patient intake and charting processes, which in turn reduced wait times and improved data input accuracy. With 40 Dynabook laptops deployed across its facilities, the dermatology group has not only enhanced its day-to-day operations but has also positioned itself for continued future growth and innovation.

The Prognosis

Overall, Sharp and Tri-Cities Skin and Cancer were able to work together to find a simply smarter solution that benefitted employees as well as patients. Sharp worked to understand the unique needs and provided top service and support to execute on the collective goal of transitioning to Dynabook laptops.

See here for the full case study, and here to learn more about Sharp’s Dynabook laptops.

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