Sharp AQUOS BOARD: The Best Collaboration Display for Law Firms

Sharp AQUOS BOARD: The Best Collaboration Display for Law Firms

Jan 10, 2024 | Collaborative Displays, Office Technology

The award-winning AQUOS BOARD collaboration display system is a powerful tool for law offices, court rooms, police departments and more. In these environments where complex topics are presented and discussed, clear and concise communication is critical. The display system allows everyone to share data and graphics in real time for an impactful meeting. We believe these benefits make the Sharp AQUOS BOARD the premier collaboration display for law firms.

What Benefits will your Law Firm Enjoy with a Collaboration Display?

Shift from Passive to Collaborative Meetings

Enhance productivity by easily connecting mobile devices such as laptop computers, tablets and smart phones to the AQUOS BOARD collaboration display for more effective participation when sharing ideas.

Easily Integrate with Existing AV Environments

The AQUOS BOARD collaboration display system delivers seamless integration with existing video conferencing and AV control systems. The open architecture design leverages the infrastructure and software common in legal environments and is fully compatible with the Microsoft® “inking” function, enabling users to natively annotate within any Office application, without the need for additional software or training.

Several Sizes Available – Get the Perfect Collaboration Display for your Law Firm

The AQUOS BOARD collaboration display comes in a wide array of sizes from 55″ Class (54.6″ diagonal) for huddle spaces to 86″ Class (85.6″ diagonal) for larger meetings.

Connection to a Sharp MFP to Print Meeting Room Materials

After legal representatives collaborate in a meeting, the file can be saved, shared and sent to a Sharp MFP to be printed. While many large display vendors are offering you a video and audio based solution, Sharp is extending the display to be a part of your document management solution, as well.

Save Time and Money with a Collaboration Display for Law Firms

Each time an attorney and their client must attend a courtroom for a hearing, there’s a significant cost in terms of time and money. Through the help of a Sharp AQUOS BOARD collaboration display system and third-party videoconferencing equipment, no resources are wasted. With the advent of remote court sessions, you can essentially bring your conference room into the court room. Aquos Boards are also fantastic for collaborating within multi-location law firms.

Key Features

Natural and Accurate Writing Experience

The SHARP Pen-on-Paper® experience found in the AQUOS BOARD collaboration display is unmatched in competitive devices. Aside from a highly accurate touch and natural writing flow that is fast, smooth and responsive, the screen’s anti-reflective tempered protective glass, increases durability and resists fingerprints.

Handwriting Recognition

Onscreen handwriting can instantly be converted into standard text. Even hand drawn items, such as shapes and lines, can automatically be converted into straight-lined objects. Lawyers aren’t expected to be artists or even calligraphers. Sharp provides the software to improve your notations so that everybody can understand them – not just your paralegal assistant.

Simultaneous Writing

Up to 20 people can write on the screen at the same time using touch pens or fingers. Participants can take an active part in classroom interactions while your presentations become platforms for collaboration.

Why Choose Sharp Aquos Boards as the Interactive Display for your Law Firm?

Wide Range of Interactive Display Sizes

Sharp has one of the largest ranges of interactive display sizes in the industry with models available from 55″ Class (54.6″ diagonal) for increasingly popular business “huddle spaces,” to 86″ Class (85.6″ diagonal) to captivate an audience. This gives you an opportunity to provide a consistent user experience across all of your collaborative meeting spaces.

Multi OS Support

Compatible with major operating systems. With Plug & Play, your computer automatically recognizes the AQUOS BOARD collaboration displays when connected, without a complicated driver to install.

Maintenance Free

Unlike projectors, Sharp AQUOS BOARD do not require changing expensive bulbs. And because they aren’t using those hot, high powered bulbs, you virtually eliminate fan noise from your meeting space.

Pen-like User Interface

The SHARP Pen Software user interface uses an intuitive menu with smartly arranged icons that provide easy access to pen settings and other useful functions. The AQUOS BOARD can be operated as a traditional PC or one of the world’s largest tablets. It’s an intuitive experience that most users quickly pick up on with just a few minutes of practice.

A great Warranty

A five-year limited warranty adds peace of mind. With many organizations using 60 month leases to fund their technology purchases, your risk of financing a dead asset is minimized. We should also mention that Aquos Boards, like all commercial displays, are built much better than your consumer class televisions.

4K Ultra-HD resolution

Sharp interactive displays reproduce content accurately with incredibly precise rendering of color and detail. Conference rooms are often where the money is made, and these AQUOS BOARDs will help to create a professional experience for clients and staff members, alike. Clearly see all meeting participants and all the fine details in images and video evidence.

Built in Stereo Speakers or External Audio connectors

For more modest installations in smaller environments like huddle rooms, you might find that the built-in stereo speakers are sufficient to get the job done. If you’re building out or renovating a conference room, the display can be integrated with an external audio solution. If you already use a projector and wall or ceiling mounted speakers, the AQUOS BOARD should be a relatively simple upgrade.

Professional Command Control

RS-232C and LAN command set enables flexible remote control from connected devices. Your network administrator or IT Service Provider can have a two popular options to control and manage the display from anywhere.

SHARP Touch Viewer™ software

Easily view, manipulate and annotate numerous file types including Microsoft® Word, PowerPoint®, Excel®, PDF and others right on the screen without the need to open another application. Mark up draft legal briefs, highlight key parts of images, and more right on the display.

Screen Mirroring App

Cast your personal device screen in real-time by mirroring your screen, including photos, videos, apps, websites and documents onto the display. It’s much more convenient to work on the device(s) you use every day. Instead of loading up the AQUOS BOARD with your presentation materials, you can just wirelessly mirror your notebook screen.

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