Introducing the Sharp BP-1200S Color Digital Press Series

Introducing the Sharp BP-1200S Color Digital Press Series

Nov 6, 2023 | Office Technology, Copiers and Printers

Sharp’s first full production class printing device

Sharp has been flirting with the light production market for several years with their Polaris Pro and Hercules series of MFPs.  Now Sharp has introduced the BP-1200s Series Digital Press into their portfolio of printing solutions, their first full production digital press.

You have two toner options in the Sharp BP-1200S Series Digital Presses

Available in 4-color and 6-color versions.  The 4 color system handles standard CMYK toner colors.  The 6-color version can print CMYK plus Gold, Silver, Bright Pink, Textured, and Clear toners. 

By utilizing bright pink toner, the 1200 series digital presses can match 90% of the PMS library of colors.  Operators will notice enhanced skin tones and more vibrant hues in many colors.

The optional gold and silver color stations further expand the color gamut. Utilized as an underlay, you can have a unique iridescent color palette with limitless design possibilities. By placing CMYK on underlying silver or gold toner, you can masterfully mix metallic blues, metallic greens, blue gold and red gold. Used as an overlay for solid silver and gold accents on top of the traditional CMYK full color output, you can create more stunning design presentations.

The white color station can be used in the underlay position and provide a base for full color images on clear film or dark colored substrates to evoke a dramatic feel. Used in the overlay position, prints can be produced with an equally dramatic effect.

The BP-1200s Digital Press handles many different paper weights

The Sharp digital presses can accept media up to 400 gsm in weight, and make rated print speeds at up to 220 gsm print media.

Finishing options in the BP-1200s Digital Press series

Inline finishing options include square fold, z-fold, crease, 2 edge trimming.  One unique features of the Sharp 1200 series is the ability to make booklets from standard 8.5″ x 11″ paper.

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