Q&A with Kent: Sharp’s Breakthroughs in Light Production Color Printing

Q&A with Kent: Sharp’s Breakthroughs in Light Production Color Printing

Nov 28, 2023 | Office Technology, Copiers and Printers

Hey there, savvy print enthusiasts! Imagine this: blazing printing speeds, colors that dance, and helpful features to unleash your creativity. As you probably know by now, Sharp recently announced the launch of its latest light production printing systems, the BP Color Pro Series. Today, we’re sharing an interview with Kent Villarreal, Sharp’s Senior Product Manager, to give you the lowdown on these pioneering Color Pro Series models that are creating a stir. As Delmarva’s Sharp Copier Dealer, we’re excited to offer a light production class to larger businesses, education, enterprise, and on-demand print shops in Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia.  Sit back, relax and learn some key takeaways about these newly released light production models.

Q: Thank you for joining us today, Kent. Can you share some details about the BP Color Pro Series?

A: Absolutely! These light production models, namely the BP-90C70 and BP-90C80, were specifically designed for the print-on-demand market. They boast impressive printing speeds—the BP-90C70 achieves 70 pages per minute (ppm) in color and 75 ppm in black & white, while the BP-90C80 offers 80 ppm for both color and black and white. Additionally, for enhanced performance and color precision, you have the option to integrate Fiery® Print Servers, leveraging the latest Fiery® Platforms.

Q: What notable features will end-users appreciate?

A: These models emphasize enhanced productivity, specifically homing in on media handling capabilities. They can manage heavier paper, supporting up to 220 GSM at rated speed —an upgrade from its predecessor. Another great feature is the improved edge-to-edge printing.

Q: What sets these light production color models apart in terms of printing capabilities?

A: These models bring Sharp’s proprietary edge-to-edge printing to a broader spectrum of sheet sizes, encompassing long paper up to 26.3” and standard letter-sized sheets. This enhancement enables the creation of marketing materials, booklets and a myriad of applications, making them exceptionally versatile and appealing across a wide array of industries.

Q: How important is the edge-to-edge printing feature?

A: This feature is pivotal, without a doubt, because it significantly boosts printing capabilities for creative marketing teams and print operators. By ensuring precise and consistent edge-to-edge results across different paper sizes, print operators can produce full-bleed booklets and brochures on demand, eliminating the need for offline finishing processes. It truly sets our product apart and positions it as a valuable investment for organizations seeking streamlined printing operations and savings in time and resources.

Q: There’s been quite a buzz about the optional GBC Smart Punch Plus. Can you tell us why?

A: I sure can! It brings in-line, automated punching to the table. The punch dies accommodate most binding styles with a 3-in-1 punching, creasing and perforation system that does away with manual tasks. The crease die improves the folding quality by helping to eliminate the cracking that can happen without creasing. Together with our edge-to-edge printing capabilities, end-users can create finished professional looking documents without needing any offline finishing.

GBC Smart Punch Plus also synchronizes with your printing system’s speed, ensuring precise, uniform, and consistent results virtually every time. This can translate to faster production of sellable, ship-ready digital prints, surpassing previous speed expectations.

Q: When developing the new light production series, which primary users or industries were in mind?

A: Our focus was on listening to our customers and understanding their needs. They spoke, and we answered! We incorporated extensive feedback from users in operator-led environments, marketing and graphic design teams, as well as production departments and offices handling high-volume printing. Meeting their requirements was a source of pride for us, and in many cases, we not only met but exceeded their expectations.

Q: I know enhancing product usability was important. What features have added flexibility and ease of use?

A: The impressive 15.4-inch full flat capacitive touch panel ensures an intuitive user interface for effortless navigation through various functions and settings. The Machine Status Screen keeps users in the know with real-time monitoring to track the printer’s progress, job status, and promptly address potential issues. Additionally, the full integration with the Fiery Command Workstation means simplified and centralized control to manage print jobs and workflows on one, user-friendly platform.

Q: What can customers expect regarding paper handling and finishing options?

A: Customers in both in-plant and on-demand workflow environments will appreciate our latest precise paper handling and finishing solutions. Features like the 100-Sheet Staple Stacking Finisher, Plockmatic 120-page Production Booklet Maker System, and Multi-Folding Unit ensure that their documents achieve a professional finish that aligns with their specific needs.

Sharp’s dedication to reliable paper handling is evident in the advanced 5,000-sheet large capacity paper tray, utilizing triple air-feed technology to ensure precise paper handling and robust media support up to 360 gsm. This translates to consistent performance, enabling them to stay focused on their work.

Q: Tell us about the external and embedded Fiery Print Servers.

A: The Fiery servers are nothing short of extraordinary. They are meticulously crafted to cater to your needs, handling complex tasks with efficiency and significantly reducing processing times. Beyond optimizing printing processes and speeding up your print jobs, they enhance print quality, a crucial aspect for projects rich in graphics and reliant on accurate colors. Advanced color management tools put you in the driver’s seat for precise and professional prints, allowing customization to match your exact requirements, granting an unprecedented level of control and flexibility.

Q: How does this Pro Series fit into Sharp’s full lineup?

A: These light production models share the same look and feel, user interface, controller architecture, workflow features and built-in security with over 30 Sharp multifunction printers (MFPs). This is very attractive for mix-use environments with a fleet of Sharp copiers. Marketing and office personnel sharing a workspace can easily walk up to Pro Series model and make copies, print or scan just like they would on any other Sharp device. This usability across the line takes out the guess work and dramatically shortens the learning curve on these new light production models.

This Q&A session with Kent unveiled the passion and precision that went into creating these light production printing marvels. When it comes to in-house printing, it’s clear that the BP Color Pro Series is here to redefine how you print and what you can achieve.

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