Computer Repair

Business Computer Repair

Repairs and upgrades for computers, laptops and servers 

When your computer needs to be repaired or upgraded, give us a call.  We offer fast, on-site computer repair, with commonly needed parts in-stock ready to go.  If you need a RAM upgrade or a new SSD, our technicians are ready and waiting.

Much of our repair experience is with HP, Dell, and Lenovo PCs.  But we also service other brands as well as generic PCs and custom built computers.  We can also repair laptop screens and replaced failed parts on servers and UPS units.


a man performing a business computer repair

Business Computer Sales

 Inacom primarily sells HP, Dell, and Dynabook systems.  We keep a stock of commonly appropriate systems to cover emergency needs from failed computers.  It’s not uncommon for us to deliver a new computer and have it in service the same day a failed computer has been discovered.  We also have access to the entire catalogue for each manufacturer for scheduled deployments, specific business use cases, and user preference.

Ongoing Computer Support

We’re not just in the business of selling computer hardware.  Inacom also provides on-site and remote computer support.  We are also fully capable to help with servers and help you manage your organization’s computer network.  Whether you want a “break and fix” arrangement where you call us as needed, or a full managed service provider agreement we are happy to work with you in the way that best supports your needs.

Are you ready to learn more about Inacom’s computer services, and how they can help your organization? Give us a call at 800.346.1225 today.  We are ready to assist you with our computer repair services.