Information Technology Consulting

IT Consultants Since 1982

Our experience and best practices are available to help you improve your organization.

We realize that small to medium businesses often face the same challenges of large enterprises, but have limited resources to create solutions that meet their needs. It’s often the case that business leaders know that there is a problem, but they aren’t sure what technology tools can be employed to create solutions for the organization.  Inacom’s IT consulting services give you access to top level technology consulting talent without the long term expenses of full time employment.

Our technology consultants can assist you by identifying the appropriate methods to resolve your business issues. Since we touch every industry across Delmarva, chances are we already have the experience necessary through previous engagements. 

Inacom’s technology consulting model includes:

  • Identification of the business challenges
    • Interviews with project stakeholders
    • Process Mapping to identify
  • Building the business case for change
    • Uncovering the resources expended with current processes
    • Identifying opportunities for improvement
    • Creating solutions that can address your challenges
  • Solution Deployment
    • Developing an effective solution deployment plan
    • Managing change – training users and optimizing efficiency
    • Monitoring of solution performance
  • Solution Optimization
    • Evaluating solution expectations with actual solution performance
    • Making necessary solution configuration or business process changes
    • Ongoing monitoring of solution progress

Taking advantage of Inacom’s IT consulting services is easy. We’ll start with a face to face meeting to discuss your business challenges and strategic goals, free of charge. To get started, give us a call at 800.346.1225 or fill out the contact form below.