Wireless Networking

Wireless Networks Increase Productivity and Remove Physical Restrictions

Inacom offers secure, reliable wireless networking solutions for Delmarva area businesses, medical practices, and local government.

Wireless networks help your organization to increase the availability of information throughout your office, improving productivity and customer responsiveness. Inacom deploys the Cisco Wireless Networking solutions at the Enterprise level and Ubiquity in the SMB space to cost effectively address security, management, and control issues for organizations of all sizes.

Key advantages Of wireless networks include:

  • The best elements of a wired and wireless network – security, mobility, reliability, and speed
  • Improved information access throughout your office, building, campus, or city – make the right decision, regardless of location or device
  • Real-time access to instant messaging, email, and network resources – gain improved availability of your staff
  • Mobility services like voice, guest access, and asset tracking – a scalable wireless network allows you to deploy additional services as needs dictate quickly

We have helped clients deploy wireless networks to support a number of different business objectives. Some of our successful implementations include:

  • Hospitality Guest Access – Offering complimentary service in specific regions of the campus, paid access in meeting rooms, and private access to hotel staff utilizing the same network equipment
  • Municipal Wireless Area Network – Secure, reliable network access across metropolitan areas, for use by local government employees
  • Campus Area Wireless Solutions – Connecting multiple buildings and field locations under a single wireless network
  • Wireless Mesh Networks – Utilizing multiple wireless access points and limited network connections to provide service across large areas in challenging environments
  • Wireless Voice over IP – Providing intelligent IP based communications through IP telephones, wireless access points, and a business telephone system
  • Wireless Video Surveillance – Combining crystal clear digital video, wireless mesh, and networked storage to provide improved security and location monitoring
  • Wireless Networking for Medical – HIPAA compliant wireless networking solutions that enable mobility while protecting personal health information

Whether you need a single wireless access point for convenience, or a wireless solution that addresses complex business challenges, we can help. Call us at 800.346.1225 today.