Website Development

We’re More Than Just Web Designers.  We’re Web Developers.

Professional Website Development for the WordPress CMS

Inacom has more than 20 years of business experience creating and marketing websites from our office in Salisbury, Maryland.  Our custom website designs are fast loading, beautiful, and designed to convert suspects into prospects and new customers.  Many of our websites are developed using WordPress, giving our clients the ability to manage content themselves.  We offer many different levels of website designs, from affordable, mostly static brochure style websites to ecommerce catalogues to custom applications that meet a particular business need.  And to help you get the most out of your new website design, we have a comprehensive portfolio of web development services, including web hosting, website maintenance, and internet marketing campaigns.

website development

Web Development

We don’t just design beautiful websites.  We develop them!  This means ongoing website maintenance, including creating new website features that accomplish your Internet marketing objectives.

Web Hosting

Think of your web host as your virtual office building.  Our web hosting environment has been designed to serve your pages quickly from Tier 1 datacenters.  Modern processors, plenty of RAM, lightning fast SSD storage, and a highly controlled environment ensure that your website is highly available 24/7.

Managed WordPress

Unfortunately, most organizations fail to properly maintain their WordPress website over time.  This is where Inacom’s Managed WordPress service steps up to shoulder the burden.  You benefit from a more secure website, and our Managed WordPress service costs less than you can take care of these web maintenance issues in-house.

Search Engine Optimization

Chances are, you reached this page after a search from your favorite search engine.  Our website copywriting and search engine optimization services can help you improve the search rank of your current website design.  If SEO isn’t a part of your website marketing plan, it should be!

Email Newsletters

Email newsletters offer one of the most cost effective marketing channels available to your small business.  But often times, creating email newsletter templates, publishing your message, and maintaining clean marketing lists is a challenge.  Inacom can help you spread the word, from the design of your newsletter signup form to troubleshooting delivery issues and helping to maintain your email marking lists.

Pay per Click Marketing

Websites are just part of the marketing puzzle.  Pay per Click marketing campaigns use targeting and re-targeting to ensure your message is displayed at the right place and the right time.

Social Media Management

Our web development skills translate into great social media skills, too!  Jazz up your posts with our custom graphic designs.  Direct your social media fans to custom developed content and landing pages.  Make sure your efforts get proper attribution to form completions, email newsletter signups, and ecommerce purchases.

Custom Web Applications

While most of our work these days involves custom WordPress development, we also have the chops to develop and maintain simple HTML websites and create custom web applications created using Microsoft’s .NET Framework.

SharePoint Development

Organizations are going all in on Microsoft’s Office 365.  One of the most underutilized features of O365 is Microsoft SharePoint.  We can help you design and develop a corporate Intranet, complete with document libraries that integrate with our Sharp copiers.  Try getting that kind of service from your current web designer.

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