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Help! Why are WordPress Emails Flagged as Spam?

As a business owner running a WordPress website, you rely on email communication to maintain your website, reach out to your customers, send important updates, and drive engagement. However, it can be frustrating when your WordPress emails end up in the dreaded spam folder, causing you to miss security and maintenance alerts and form completions.

17 WordPress Usernames (and variations) to Avoid!

It’s been estimated that more than 40% of the Internet uses WordPress to power their website. This kind of popularity makes it a victim of opportunity, as scripts developed to hack WordPress can be deployed against so many targets. Avoid these usernames to make your WordPress site more difficult to hack.

Improve Website Performance with our Managed WordPress Service

Premium web hosting, application firewall, frequent updates and daily offsite backups

Since its inception as a blogging engine in 2003, WordPress has evolved to become the most popular Content Management System on the web.  Today, over 40% of websites on the Internet are powered by WordPress.  It’s relatively easy to use, there is a vast ecosystem of plugins and themes available for nearly any purpose, and WordPress itself is extensible, allowing for the creation of custom applications within the CMS.  Each WordPress deployment gives the site owner access to tens of millions of dollars in free development time and expertise.  It’s hard to beat that deal!

But WordPress’ growth in popularity and capabilities has created some serious management challenges for organizations that run with WordPress.  First, WordPress has become a very convenient target of opportunity for hackers and script kiddies trolling the Internet.  Bots are constantly scouring the Internet looking for WordPress websites that are vulnerable to attack.  Second, properly backing up, updating, and securing WordPress requires effort.  It’s a tedious process that many organizations fail to take seriously.  Somebody with the right web development expertise needs to log in and service the website at least a few times a week.  In an era where staffing is lean, there often isn’t somebody to handle this task or it’s often put on the back burner while more pressing business issues are addressed.

Inacom’s Managed WordPress service helps organizations keep their WordPress websites updated and available.  You’ll see the following benefits as a Managed client:

Improved Security

All WordPress websites are audited for common security issues as a part of the onboarding process.  It’s not uncommon at all to see outdated plugins, themes, and WordPress core files with a new engagement.  We often see accounts named “Administrator” or other common names that are just bad practice.  We fix this stuff!

Inacom also provides all of our clients with a premium Web Application Firewall at the site level and another Web Application Firewall at the server level.  Both systems are thwarting common WordPress attacks like brute force logins, SQL injection, and cross site scripting (xss).

Improved Performance

Budget WordPress web hosts will provide you with a shared hosting account on an oversubscribed server.  They might do it for $5 per month or even less.  But budget web hosts are almost never a good idea, as they’re doing everything in their power to eek out a profit. 

All of Inacom’s Managed WordPress clients are served from our own web hosting environment with generous resource allowances.  Larger websites are served on their own VPS, without the worry about “noisy neighbors” consuming more than their share of resources.  Caching is implemented at the server and website level to pre-build web pages and store them in RAM.  We also set you up with a premium Content Delivery Network (CDN), run by one of the largest companies on the Internet.  CDNs help websites run faster by using advanced technologies and distribtion systems to speed loading times.

Premium Plugins

When you subscribe to our Managed WordPress offering, you gain access to our favorite plugins.  Each of these premium plugins can often cost $100 or more per year if you license them on your own.  With Inacom, you gain image optimization, advanced form capabilities, awesome themes and more, baked into your subscription price.

Better Backups

Managed WordPress clients receive daily backups of their website, stored in a remote datacenter.  If you make a mistake updating your site, it can be rolled back in a couple of minutes.  Should your website get hacked, long retention times help to ensure that we have a suitable copy for restoration.

In the event of a catastrophic failure, we have additional copies of your website available at an account and a system level backup.  Using a layered data backup strategy ensures many paths to resolution and restoration of services.

FREE Hack Repair

Following WordPress best practices makes it extremely unlikely that your site will be hacked.  But if the unlikely does occur, all Managed WordPress clients will get free hack repair or restoration of their WordPress website.  We’ll also identify the source of the breach and work to fix that volnerability, as well.

Get even more benefit with Inacom’s Web Development service

The same skilled web development professionals that are helping to keep your website files, plugins, and themes safe and secure are available to help with your website updates, as well.  We can quickly log in and knock out those content and design changes as needed.  We’ll also do a quick check-up on your website while we’re in there.

Give Managed WordPress a try at no risk!

We want you to be thrilled with Inacom as your wordpress developer of choice.  Therefor, we don’t lock you into long term contracts.  It’s your website and you can take it to a new service provider at any time.  And new clients get a 60 day performance guarantee.  If Managed WordPress isn’t right for you, we’ll refund your first two months of migration and management fees.

To get started, just give us a call at 410.543.8200.